Technical Data for Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Reinforcement mesh manufactured by Qemam Steel can be classified into two major types:
Square opening Welded Mesh with wires Crossed in the form of a square, and both longitudinal and transversal wires as supporting ones.

Rectuangular opening welded Mesh with wires Crossed in the form of a rectangle, and longitudinal wire as the supporting one.

The advantage for the usage of welded Wire Mesh are 1. Less steel required, 2. Uniform steel distribution, 3. Designed requirement may be accurately fulfilled, 4. Quick and economical placing.

Above reinforcement mesh can all be used in concrete reinforcing Concrete in one of the common materials used in the construction of commercial buildings. Its properties make concrete an excellent choice for steel structures, cladding systems floor slabs on grade.

Although concrete is an excellent building material and is extremely strong in compression, it has one limitation - concrete is weak in tension. By combining concrete with material that is strong in tension, we can create a composite that greatly reinforced. This type of reinforcement is used to minimize shrinkage cracking in the surface of the concrete.